rainbows and coffee make everything better
You are always there, finding road for me. A nameless and lonely island connect me to you again. All the things we shared colors in my heart every day with the same light. We are made as one. Forever. // of
 - Krystal "Stupid"  - Krystal "Stupid"
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I listen to this everyday tbh…



Wooow O.O you can see B2ST’s progress….but have they really change that much ??  

I think these two photoshoots are very similar (even the wooden wall in the background) and at the same time very different. - It’s like they are standing beside their self from the past….


happy birthday lil bub

qingdao siblings slaying all your faves (ノД`)・゜・。

make me choose:
↳ l3ubblepop asked: iu or sulli.

手伝ってくれますか? /  (c)

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